The new Generation

Sondermaschinenbau GmbH
Parkstrasse 18
06333 Hettstedt

E-Mail: info(at)
Telefon: +49 (3476) 8583
Fax: +49 (3476) 858400


Technical data:

primary material aluminium profiles, others possible
min/max material height 5 - 200 mm
min. material profile length 1.200 - 8.000 mm
batch width 800 mm
min/max finish length 40 - 3.000 mm
min/max rest piece length 80 - 250 mm
cycle times please ask for calculation
cutting tolerances ± 0,25 mm for profiles 40 - 1.500 mm
± 0,35 mm for profiles 1.500 - 3.000 mm
batches/layers 1,2,3 over each other in one cut

Our sawing system is characterized by a few points in particular

  • All important quality-related movements of the cutting process can be realized via electric motors – no hydraulic.
  • The advantage is the eco- friendly and the precision of the cutting process – unlike hydraulic and pneumatic drives for these functions.
  • Before the long saw chips reaching the exhaust, they are removed from the innovative long saw chip separator; errors of the exhauster are minimized.
  • The high degree of automation and the separate control of our system guarantee a simple integration into your system/process.
  • The force of the down holder is generated by a servo motor and is preselected. Thus, the down holding force is constant and ideal for thin wall profiles.
  • The down holder can be adjusted to the profile geometry by the replaceable rails (fast change system); this prevents damage at the profile.
  • The change of the saw blade is in front of the saw and is protected by the query of the electric guard door against unwanted movements. (changing time ca. 4 min for a well-educated operator).
  • Low maintenance through the use of quality materials (by a high service life).
  • The powerful exhauster dissipates the most saw chips.